Alive, before quintoxication : Viva, antes del Norfloxasesino

Before  Norfloxacino (fluoroquinolone antibiotic)
There are very few photos of Kate when she was alive; these are the only ones I have available. No matter what happened - and devastating things (or people, usually the same people!) kept happning - she was always alive and always Kate

February 2009, aged 61½

It had been raining for a week and that morning the rain had gone, the sun was shining, I'd just woken up and hurried to take the budgies outside - that's why I'm wearing a funny mixture of old clothes. I can smell the mimosa and freshness no'w, but my body can't remember how it felt to be alive and my face doesn't know how to be a face.

Strong, healthy legs, feet and nails.

March 2009 El Colorado

January 2004 aged 57

January 2004 aged 57

Passport 2001, aged 54
October 2001 aged 54, Bretagne

 Aged 54, Bretagne
I.D. card 1994, aged 48

Daughter in snow

Summer living

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